Scrappy Sudi

So, this week we received our 1st ever Buddy box and it’s super exciting!
– The conditioning soap is ppuurrrfect!!!! ‘2’ thumbs up for it!!!
– Thank you for the amazing Buddy Bites Apple & Cheese cookies… They’re my FAVOURITES <3! I would definitely give them ‘2’ thumbs-up!!!!
– The spikey-squeaky bone toy is little frightening but I like it! Hmmm 1 thumbs-up!!
– Ain’t no fan of “Dogsee Chew” 🙁… Didn’t like it! 🙁 🙁
– Mommy is yet to prepare me the “pugilicious” soup!!!! Haven’t tried that yet, but soooonnn!!!
An amazing 1st experience with my Buddy Box and hope to see more and more amazing stuff being sent our way in future!!!!
Thank you Marsha & Buddy!
Love, xoxo
– Scrappy, Mumbai

Rahul Pinto

Frodo Chloé Fiona & Heidi received their buddy boxes and are absolutely disappointed that they have to wait another 30 days for more DOGSEE cookies
They had so many goodies and shampoo; they shared a soup pack and raw hide
with Bailey & dog beer and bone with Jarvis when they were over. They decided to give the five pups plus mumma outside our building the flea and tick spray and a bag if homemade cookies.
All in all 3 buddy boxes & 12 Happy tails.
Thank you buddy boy.

Pawan Dahal

Mowgli received his buddy box and he loved it. I love the Buddy Box sticker… lovely packaging  Thanks and best wishes.

Aanya Jagdish

I just received my box of goodies for my lil pooch and she absolutely looooved them! Each and every item in the box has been carefully picked to suit my baby and the best part is that it’s completely organic. Can’t wait to get my hands (and Bailey’s paws) on many more Buddy boxes. Thanks so much Marsha and Buddy boy� We wuff you both! �

Sonal Bhatia

Snoopy received his buddy box today and he was so excited to open it. He loved the contents too and wanted to eat up everything at once (he is a complete food and loves his treats). I loved the paw cream as I love to keep Snoopy’s paws soft and pink. Thanks a lot Marsha and buddy for this beautiful and unique concept. Wish u success.