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Ghannu The Pug

sO here iS oUr #buddybox reView n rating pOst: FirSt of all we wAnt tO say thAt thE combination oF all stUffs iN thE boX is PERFECT!! We lOve that💜💚 NOw aboUt stUffs- SOAP- The smell of sOap iS soo.. good! And it made ghannu’s hair smooth n silky & we appreciate that u choose that soap cause it is helpful in healing the skin, as ghannu has one skin problem. Rating 5 COOKIES- Ghannu likes cookies, specially chicken flavoured so it’s obvious he likes these cookies tOO & he loves Homemade!! Ratings 4 PUFFY BARS- Initially wheN wE gaVe him(ghannu) these puffy bars he ate!! but he is nOt intrEstEd in them anymore. Rating 2.5 One of the main thing We like is that, all products are made with NATURAL ingredients. Thanks alot again for #buddybox @marshanbuddy 🤗💚 (Ratings out of 5) @ghannuthepug