Healing Oil for Dogs and Cats is a perfect blend of organic Virgin coconut oil, cold pressed hemp seed oil, turmeric essential oil and Lavender essential oil.

Effective to Heal the following ailments Dandruff | Red spots | Eczema | Itchy skin | Heat boils Cracked paws | Dry nose | Redness in ears

Made with Certified organic and natural ingredients this healing balm is 100% chemical free.

Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, hydrates your dog’s skin and prevents it from Flaking. Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil prevents dog’s skin disorders such as dry nose, acne, eczema, rash and dandruff Turmeric Essential Oil, has antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties helps fight any infections or allergies. Lavender Essential Oil, has antibacterial and anti-itch agents that helps with irritations and calms your dog too. Argan Oil, to reduce irritation and promote recovery, also helps reduce fur loss and stimulates growth of fur

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