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Reasons to Adopt a Pet & Not Shop

Yes! adoption is the right thing to do, but the rewards for you are mightier.

If you are ready to bring home a new furry family member, head to your nearest animal shelter. You won’t regret it, we promise!

  1. Save a life: By adopting from a shelter, you are giving your future best friend a second chance at a good life. Majority of the animals in shelter have had a very bad past and you can help make a difference in their lives! They need love and a forever home!
  2. A Pet for everyone: It is misconception that animal shelters only have old animals. Shelters are packed with pets of all ages and sizes, in fact the shelter workers will ensure they find the perfect companion for you. So, instead of paying a heavy price on buying a “pure bred” adopt one. All animals at the shelter are vaccinated and neutered inclusive of the adoption fee, so you needn’t worry about the add on costs.
  3. House Trained: What’s more to appreciate is that the animals you adopt are already trained. You don’t need to worry about training the pooch you bring home. Shelter workers ensure they train every animal so that they are ready to adapt to their new home. In most cases pets at a shelter arrive housetrained, because their previous parent was unable to support them dude to financial issues or have been rescued from abuse.
  4. Discourage Puppy Mills: The more people that adopt a pet, the lesser the encouragement for puppy mills that over breed. Today, backyard breeders are very common and need to be put out of business. Most of the puppies in a pet store are a result of backyard or home breeding that causes so many pets to have a shorter life span and endless physical ailments, because of careless breeding.
  5. Healthy and fit: Many of us are under the impression that all animals at a shelter are weak or disabled. Trust me! They are strong, healthy and ready to play with you in a heartbeat. Once an animal is bought to the shelter they under a complete veterinary check. Shelter workers then ensure that all ailments are treated and that the animal is ready to be rehomed. You have nothing to worry about!

There are many animal shelters in Mumbai that you can visit to bring home your perfect companion. Here are a few links that can be helpful to you:

Mumbai animal shelters and adoption centers


WSD India

We urge you to visit these shelters and adopt your companion!

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