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Keep Your Pet Calm During Thunder Storms

To all pet parents… our little ones are going to be highly stressed with all this thunder and lightning..

It’s a MYTH that if you raise the sound of your Television your dog wont hear the thunder! THEY HEAR IT AND FEEL IT, because they have sharper senses than us.

Try this track by Relax My Dog works for both dogs and cats.

Turn off your television and just play this…

DON’T OVER CODDLE your pet during the storm.

TRY THESE TRICKS:(while playing this track)

  1. If your dog is outside your house, please bring him/her inside. The loud sound of thunder will scare them and cause them to run. Every year animal shelters see higher amount of abandoned dogs because it causes them to run frantically in fear and get lost.
  2. Take them to their favorite spot in the house or the quietest spot. A spot that they feel safe in, it could be their bed or yours, the bathroom, a spot under your kitchen table. Once you find that spot, talk to them and show them some excitement to play.
  3. If they have a favorite toy bring it to them, or distract them by playing their favorite game. Distracting your dog from  the sight of lightning and sound of thunder is your best bet.
  4. Dogs need to feel safe and secure during a storm, try using a compression bandage to wrap around them like their body harness does. or if you have a coat with Velcro fitting try to tighten it around them so it applies a little pressure.
  5. Lastly, lay a gentle firm hand on them and a few words of reassurance.

Over coddling will just make your pet more fearful.
They sense what we feel too and your anxiety is going to make them feel more scared.

So support them and assure them that you are there so they don’t need to be afraid.

Be there for them! We may love the rains but the sounds care our best friends, so lets take care of them.

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