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How to Manage a Dog With a Full Time Job?

You work full time and have recently added a little fur ball to the family. Now what are you going to do with the little fella, when you are at work?

Leaving a puppy or a recently adopted canine companion alone is a big concern that all pet parents have. You want to make sure your pooch is safe and happy at home while your away.

What to do when you work all day and leave your puppy alone to play?

Common solution is to crate train your pup. Though it’s the first steps it should not be your only solution. Crate training is crucial for pups to understand their space and get used to being alone, but not more than 2 hours. These 2 hours can be repeated twice daily.

Just like you would not leave a baby/child alone at home, your furry companion should not be left for hours alone. If you work for 9-10 hours like me that is sheer torture for a dog to stay alone at home, so imagine the boredom and agony for a pup.

Get help from family & Friends! My mom and dad look after Buddy while I am away at work.. Things to be careful of well, my parents have now adopted him full time and I have become the visitor. The tables do turn occasionally! Since they travel a lot Buddy lives with me while they are away.

So, back to the question.. what do I do when I have a full scheduled work day and my folks are away? Well I am blessed and have a very family oriented work environment so, I take Buddy along with me! Of course not all of us have this privilege, so the we move on to the next option.

Find a Pet Sitter: There are many sitters in Mumbai it is very easy to find one, but do pick the right place. Facebook is a good source to find an apt Sitter, but do visit the location and check premises before you entrust them with your furry family member. You can now find sitters who would either keep your pet with them at their residence or a day care.

If you have a pup it would be best to hire a sitter who is a qualified trainer. This will help you get your pup trained, entertained and well taken care off.

Get a Doggy cam 😊 if you have a mature dog and are worried about his safety, get your webcam on and keep an eye on your pooch. Buddy spends 95% of his time in dream land, and when your away that’s what all mature dogs usually do.

But your mature dog is still a pup at heart and loves to chew and run and play… Now what?

Get them an Interactive Toy to keep them entertained! Toys that drop treats when rolled, toys that make sounds, toys that are oh so chewable that pooch does not want Mommy’s/Daddy’s slippers, socks or bed covers. All toys are easily available online these days for dogs of all sizes or you can even find one in your BUDDY BOX 😊

These are just a few helpful tips that I have used. If you know of anything else, send us your thought and share information in the comment section for other pet parents to use.




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