What We Dig?

Through our products, we want to give back to all our furry friends the unconditional love they give us.

Marsha and Buddy is a brand dedicated to the bond between a human and their canine companion. We strongly believe that, like every human, each dog has a different personality, likes and dislikes. Hence, we offer a range of products that is catered to every doggo differently.

What got us digging?

Buddy, my 12 year old rescued Spitz and my obsession to only treat him with natural & holistic products

His food fuses got me into the study of nutrition.

His Skin irritations and allergies got me studying essential oils therapy.

My Passion to always have him included in events got me learning how to sew.

Research made my heart Heavy!

Pet products causing illnesses due to the lack of standards and regulations in the pet industry.

  • Added colours, gluten and artificial flavours
  • Use of glue in pet chews
  • Toxic colours, material and fibers used in toys
  • Cheap fabrics that cause skin irritation

WHERE IS THE LOVE ? We needed to make a difference

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